Call for abstracts, workshop proposals and posters

Deadline for submissions extended until 21 April 2024.

Due to continued strong interest and requests to extend the deadline for submissions of abstracts for the Conference, the deadline has been extended until 21 April 2024. Final decisions about acceptance of abstracts will be made by 1st May 2024.

Abstracts, workshop proposals and posters should be sent only via email:
Only one abstract and poster should be submitted by one person. In case of a larger number of submissions, the Co-organiser reserves the right to select one considered the best.
Abstracts, poster and workshop proposals should be maximum 250 words. Posters should have references to fundamental rights.
Applications for participation (registration) should be made on the adequate form (vide infra)

Thematic workshops can be organised once obtained the agreement of the organising committee. The coordinator of the proposed workshop provides the title of workshop, short desciption, abstracts of presentations of all the speakers (at least 3) by the conference emai:l Once received the agreement from the organising  committee, it is up to the coordinator to manage the organisation of the workshop, which will be integrated in the conference program. In addition, all participants must register online via registration form and receive confirmation of registration.

Substance/Main tracks

 The conference themes will be divided into five panels:

  1. Health provision during emergency situations (pandemics, environment and climate crisis, medical services during armed conflicts)
  2. Health law and collective rights (organization of healthcare system; financial, geographical and generational distribution of medical services)
  3. Health law and personal rights (patients’ rights, diverse patients groups – minors, persons with disabilities, quality of life, healthcare services and care, services connected to beginning and end of life – prenatal medicine, hospices and wake-up clinics)
  4. Provision of healthcare (standardization of health services, communication between physicians and patients; medical errors and negligence, personal data protection)
  5. Healthcare and modern technologies (artificial intelligence, genetics and biomedical law, advanced therapies)

Young Scholars Workshop on the first day of the EAHL Conference in
18 September 2024

Call for Abstracts and program

Young scholars are often eager to present their findings to the wider scientific community. However, they inevitably encounter open questions and challenges for
further exploration within their research domains and fields. Therefore, the Young Scholars Workshop (formerly known as the Ph.D. workshop) is hosted by EAHL in
cooperation with the local organizing committee of the conference. This is the opportunity for young researchers to not only present their work but also engage in
discussions that enrich their understanding and further develop their own research. This workshop is an excellent opportunity to meet peers from different jurisdictions,
exchange knowledge, constructive feedback as well as experiences and interact with the EAHL network.

Ph.D. students, recent graduates and postdoctoral fellows are invited to submit abstract of their research and present their current work during the workshop. To match the
overall theme of the 9 th Conference of the European Association of Health Law, participants are encouraged to focus on the fundamental and human rights aspects of
their research.
If research does not consider human rights arguments, we invite you to present alternatively the theoretical and/ or methodological frameworks applied in your research.

Abstracts serve as an introduction to your research topic, presenting the research theme, key research question, and the specific research problem addressed, along with
potential answers or solutions proposed in your work.

All abstracts, limited to max. 2 pages (in MS Office Word file – Times New Roman, font – 14, line spacing – 1.5) should be submitted by April 30 th , 2024.
The announcement of the accepted abstracts is scheduled May 31th, 2024.

Proposed structure of the abstracts:

The abstracts may include following aspects:

  • Offer a concise overview of the research topic, including its objectives and research questions, focusing on European health-law related or bioethical issues.
  • Highlight the novelty of the research and present any obtained results, if available.
  • Discuss the consideration of fundamental rights arguments within the research and explain how these fundamental rights arguments may inform the research.
  • If fundamental rights arguments are not applicable, provide alternatively a theoretical or methodological framework, being applied or planned to be applied.
  • Conclude by summarizing the main findings and implications, as well as open questions of the research.

Draft program of the workshop

  • 8.45 – 9.00 Arrival and registration of the participants
  • 9.00 – 9.10 Welcome remarks (EAHL Board and Organizers)
  • 9.15 – 11.00 Panel sessions
  • 11.00 – 11.15 Coffee break
  • 11.15 – 12.00 General session of all the participants
  • 12.00 – 12.30 Refreshments before the guided tour
  • 12.30 – 14.30 Guided tour

Participants will have the opportunity to give and receive feedback from their peers as well as senior colleagues present at their panels.

Additionally, young scholars are welcomed to all conference activities and workshops.

Be aware that the abstracts to be presented at the main conference must be submitted before the deadline mentioned on the conference website ( The abstracts for this workshop will be reviewed separately.